How to Use App

The main purpose of TempoTips is to guide you through selecting a winning bet. App shows probability in percents (%) for given tip with corresponding coefficients (odds), which are calculate based on statistics and current form of teams.


View Using button View you can select between different tip types. Supported are: Standard 1X2, Over/Under 1.5, 2.5 и 3.5, Both Teams to Score and Double Chance as the last one gives percentage between home and away team ignoring draw game.

Sort Using button Sort you can sort by different columns such as: start hour, league, probability for a given tip, highest coefficient (odd).

Selecting a Game loads a detail info about the teams such as standing position, last games, H2H, etc.

Betting advices

If you have no clear idea which bet to prefer following tips may be useful.

When you use system always bet on value. If system gives 60% probability and the coefficient (odd) is bellow 1.40 do not bet on that game. In a long run this strategy will lose money.

Select games and tips which has sum from probability and coefficient (odd) above 2.00. If system suggests 60% probability, then coefficient should be above 1.50. This will guarantee at least 10% ROI in a long run.

Select tips with at least 55% probability for Standard 1X2 or above 60% for other cases.

Avoid games with similar probabilities for home, draw and away (32%, 33%, 35% - avoid that). There is no guarantee at all for the final result.

Betting strategies

Main idea of TempoTips is to use it for detailed statistic info. But here are couple of handy ideas.

In view Standard 1X2 sort by Percent 1 and then select couple of games with probability above 55-53% and coefficients (odds) around or above 2.00.

In view Double Chance sort by Coefficient and then select couple of games with coefficients (odds) around or above 2.00 and with probability above 60%. Usually those are X2 tips.

In view Over/Under 1.5 sort by Over 1.5 and pickup couple of games to play in combination. Usually coefficients are very low but you can find something above 1.20 and around 1.30.

The same can be done Over/Under 3.5 but sort by Under 3.5 or in view Double Chance and sort by Double Chance 1X.

When select tips always follow above advices: bet in days with a lot of games; bet on league games; avoid cup games; avoid games from leagues that just started; always bet on current form of teams.

Probability calculation

Probability are calculated based on following criteria: current position in table (standing), last 10 matches, head to head games between teams and a few more which could be seen in detailed info screen about the game. Those statistic are calculated for home/away form and games for the both teams and also overall current form of teams. For each team each criteria has its own weight. And those weights are adjusted after each game. Basically system learnings how to predict better. System should give better prediction in the second half of the season.

Does tip probability changes

Probability and tips are calculated when the game enters into the system. Usually 3-4 days ahead. After that they may be recalculated in couple of cases.

For example, last game of the round is in Monday. During the weekend other games are played and they change overall statistics for league. That may change a little bit probability.

Other case is when team has two games in a short period of time. For example, Thursday plays in Europe League and Sunday plays in home championship. Tips may be re-calculated for Sunday game after result of Thursday. And this may change considerably percents and tips.

In case of drastic coefficients (odds) change/drop system takes into account this and adapts percentage if needed. Anyway last 4 hours before the game percents and tips are not recalculated even if new information arrives into the system.